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Alcohol Rescue Testimonials

Please accept our gratitude for helping my family, most importantly of all for helping my sister.

Private to protect identity.London

Daniel’s guidance, professional and very heartfelt approach gave us the confidence and determination to go through with it.

Private to protect identity .London

I didn’t tell you this, but when you started discussing the issues, everything you said made perfect sense, and you were so, so kind, I got off the call and cried.

Private to protect identity .Lincoln

At long last, my family had found a person, the right organisation, who heard us and could help.”

Private to protect identity .Peterborough

Apart from being competent they are also genuine and caring. What they do is astounding. He allows people like you and me to save the life of someone we love.

Private to protect identity .Lincoln

My son agreed to go to treatment, but said he needed a few days to sort some things out. If we had not had the help of the interventionist I would have caved-in and my son would have manipulated me yet again.

Private to protect identity .Norwich

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