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Detox and Rehab Facility in Central Scotland

The Clinic

Set in a refurbished castle in Scotland, this clinic offers superb accommodation in a tranquil and picturesque setting. With room for up to 21 patients at any one time, this residential facility is ideal for treating a range of addictions, compulsive behaviours, and eating disorders. Addiction-related mental health disorders are also treated at the clinic, with 4-week programmes being the minimum stay. However, patients can remain at the facility for up to six months if necessary. Complex-needs patients, such as those who are pregnant or suffer from dual diagnosis, can also access treatment at the facility.

Staff Philosophy

Patients at this clinic will benefit from professional and caring staff who work tirelessly to ensure that treatment plans are created to suit each individual’s requirements. The team are compassionate and supportive and believe that all patients can recover, regardless of the severity of their addictions.


This medieval castle in central Scotland has 21 executive rooms with plush furnishings as well as en suite facilities. The clinic provides a welcoming and warm environment within a tranquil setting where patients can recover in comfort and luxury. Each private room has a laptop bureau and TV, and the grounds outside the castle are spacious and well-kept. Patients are encouraged to adopt a healthy diet and exercise programme and, as such, will be provided with healthy nutritious meals and access to a gym and hydrotherapy pool.

The Care Team

The medical director leads the team of highly qualified staff at this clinic and consists of addiction counsellors and therapists, nurses, an occupational therapist and a number of healthcare and support workers.

The Care Programme

No two patients at this clinic will be following the same programme because the staff here believe that as every patient is different, they have different requirements in terms of treatment. A bespoke plan is created for every patient that will focus on the entire individual and not just the illness. Top level care is provided, with a person-centred approach designed to treat the mind, body and spirit. Patients have constant access to support and care by medical staff and medically supervised detox programmes are provided if necessary. Treatments may include group or individual counselling and therapy sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, and relaxation sessions.

Suitable For

Patients with complex needs who want to access a high level of care in comfortable surroundings will find this Scottish clinic to be ideally suited to their requirements. With fully qualified staff and constant access to support, this clinic is the ideal choice for those suffering from a variety of illnesses.

Disability Access

This clinic is suitable for those with a range of physical disabilities, from mild to severe. However, if you are unsure, please use Alcohol Rescue’s 24-hour helpline for reassurance.

Alcohol Rescue’s helpline can also be used to access information about price and availability at this clinic as well as further details regarding the treatment programme on offer here.

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction and poly-drug use (includes prescription medications and illegal drugs)
  • Eating disorders (includes compulsive eating disorder)
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Gambling addiction
  • Co-dependency
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Process addictions
  • Addiction-related mental health disorders
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