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An Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme to Maximise Success

Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

When an athlete experiences a devastating injury today, he or she is a lot less likely to simply give up and stop playing. Advances in sports medicine now allow for effective rehabilitation that gets injured athletes back into play as quickly as possible. One of the results of modern sports medicine is that athletes are enjoying longer careers than ever before. We believe you can make the same case for alcohol rehabilitation. The modern rehabilitation programme makes it more likely than ever for the recovering alcoholic to go on to a full and productive life without ever drinking again.

The dictionary defines rehabilitation, in the medical sense, as the process of restoring someone to health or an otherwise normal life through the use of treatment and/or training. Alcohol rehabilitation does exactly that. It restores the recovering alcoholic's physical health through medically supervised detox, diet and nutrition, exercise, and other physical treatments. It restores mental and emotional health by training the mind to recognise alcohol triggers and avoid them. Just as the athlete can rehab from a devastating injury, the alcoholic can rehab from his or her addiction.

It's about Being the Best

Assuming you are visiting our website because you are dealing with an alcohol problem, we want to pose the following question: what are you looking for in life? The professional athlete wants to be the best he or she can be so that he/she can win as often as possible. The team wants to be the best it can be in order to win championships and record its proper place in history. How about you? Do you want to be the best you can be? We hope so. We hope you want to be the best spouse, partner, parent, worker, and community member you can be.

A proven rehabilitation programme is a place to start if you want to overcome alcohol dependence on your way to being the best you can be. Rehabilitation addresses alcohol dependence in a holistic way. In other words, rehabilitation does not focus only on the physical aspects of alcohol dependence. It also addresses the mental, emotional, and spiritual. The holistic approach is what you find in most private rehab clinics in the UK.

Advantages of Comprehensive Rehab

A struggling alcoholic can undergo a simple detox programme that takes anywhere from 3 to 7 days. He or she can also choose to go the route of visiting a GP and getting a prescription to help control alcohol cravings. These approaches might work for a problem drinker in the early stages, but they seldom work for the clinical alcoholic. We will use our example of the rehabilitating athlete to explain why this is so.

Consider a footballer who tears his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) early in the season. If that player wants to be ready to help the team make a championship run at season's end, he's going to need more than just a prescription. He is going to need surgery and rehab.

Surgery repairs the damage to the ligament in order to promote the start of the healing process. But during that process, the knee will become structurally weaker as a result of the former damage. Rehabilitation is necessary to regain strength, promote total healing, and prevent the same injury from recurring in the future. Alcohol recovery works the same way.

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Alcohol rehab programmes utilise both detox and rehabilitative therapies to help alcohol abusers regain complete health. Detox for the alcoholic is similar to surgery for the athlete. It repairs the physical damage done by alcohol. Detox is then followed by a series of rehabilitative treatments that strengthen the mind and emotions of the recovering alcoholic to prevent future relapse.

In the simplest terms possible, an alcohol rehabilitation programme accomplishes the following:

  • It breaks the physical dependence on alcohol
  • It helps the recovering alcoholic understand his or her addiction
  • It encourages the recovering alcoholic to take ownership of his or her condition
  • It helps the individual learn strategies to avoid future temptation
  • It teaches the individual the necessary life skills to reintegrate into society
  • It provides ongoing support and treatment to prevent relapse.

Comprehensive alcohol rehab is more than just getting a prescription and making a couple of visits to the GP. More importantly, it has to be. No alcoholic became dependent on the drug overnight. Alcoholism is a progressive condition that develops over an extended period. As a result, it requires an equally long time to fully recover. You did not become an alcoholic after just three trips to the pub; you will not overcome alcohol addiction with a prescription and three trips to your GP.

Time for Comprehensive Assessment

Do you need to undergo a comprehensive alcohol rehabilitation programme? There is no way to know for sure without first undergoing a comprehensive assessment of your current circumstances. Our trained counsellors can provide an assessment when you contact us. We look at how much you drink, how often you drink, how long you have been consuming alcohol, your history with addictive substances, and your current health, home life and financial situations.

You can get a head start by honestly assessing yourself to see if you exhibit any of the classic symptoms of alcoholism. Those symptoms include the following:

  • Almost constant cravings for alcohol
  • An inability to control how frequently you drink
  • An ongoing worry that you do not have enough alcohol in the house
  • A willingness to hide alcohol so others do not find it
  • A tendency to avoid social situations unless drinking is included
  • A growing tendency toward isolating yourself from family
  • Ongoing struggles with work or school
  • The need to continually increase the amount of alcohol you consume.

It is not a given that every alcoholic will exhibit all of the symptoms listed above. Indeed, there are some functional alcoholics who are perfectly capable of hiding their condition from others. The thing is that you cannot hide it from yourself. If you recognise any of the listed symptoms in your life, there is a chance you could already be an alcoholic. Contact us so we can provide the comprehensive assessment you need to determine the seriousness of your problem.

You need to know and understand that you do not have to continue living in bondage to alcohol. We can connect you with a proven rehabilitation programme at a private clinic in your area. If appropriate, we can also recommend you to a counselling service, an alcohol charity, or even the NHS.

A qualified rehabilitation programme may be your only hope for permanent sobriety. Do not let the opportunity to connect with a rehab programme go to waste. Instead, let us work with you to get you on the road to recovery.

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