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Five Things to Consider Before Booking a Rehabilitation Centre

Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

Our primary mission is to make sure clients who contact us are connected with service providers offering alcohol and drug rehabilitation. What many new clients do not know upon first contact is just how many options are out there. Across the UK, there are literally hundreds of treatment providers ranging from private rehab clinics to private counselling services to alcohol charities. And, of course, people struggling with alcohol can always utilise free services provided by the NHS. The key to successful recovery is to find a rehabilitation centre offering the kinds of treatments most appropriate to individual needs.

In years past, the alcohol and drug recovery community were happy to adopt and maintain a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. Everyone who entered alcohol rehab went through the same programme from start to finish. Over decades of tracking the results of such treatment, we quickly came to realise that this methodology does not produce the kinds of results the recovery community wants to see. The result has been a shift to bespoke treatment that is more individualised to each person. That is the kind of treatment you get when you book your care with one of the private centres we work with.

We invite you to contact us for help in locating a treatment centre for yourself or a loved one. In preparation for that contact, here are five things to consider before you book a rehabilitation centre for alcohol recovery:

1. Concentration of Care and Treatment

We treat alcoholism as a medical problem in the 21st century. Therefore, does it not make sense to undergo a treatment programme involving medical professionals who concentrate solely on alcohol and drug recovery? Of course it does. Look at it this way: a cancer patient wants treatment from an oncologist because the oncologist is a specialist in cancer. Likewise, it is best for the alcoholic to receive treatment and care from doctors and nurses who specialise in recovery from substance abuse.

The private rehabilitation centre that only treats substance abuse and addiction offers the kind of specialised care you or your loved one will need. From the doctors and nurses to the rehabilitative therapists, everyone in the dedicated clinic is a specialist with the knowledge and training to properly care for you. You may or may not get this kind of care at a more generalised rehabilitation hospital run by the NHS.

2. Rehab Clinic Atmosphere and Environment

Atmosphere and environment play a significant role in the effectiveness of alcohol rehab. One need only considers the kind of environment the alcoholic exists in before beginning treatment. That environment is likely to be one that encourages further drinking, making recovery more difficult. As such, separating the alcoholic from the normal environment is necessary to ensure that he or she does not continue drinking during treatment.

Recovering alcoholics and alcohol abusers can choose to undergo rehabilitation treatment on an outpatient or inpatient basis. Outpatient treatment works for some, but its main disadvantage is that it does not provide an atmosphere and environment that separates the recovering alcoholic from his or her day-to-day circumstances. The individual returns home every evening, back to the same routine and atmosphere he or she is used to. The temptation to drink is ever-present.

An inpatient rehabilitation centre is different. Rather than attend treatments during the day and returning home at night, a client enrolled in an inpatient programme resides at the clinic for the duration of treatment. This results in a complete and total separation from the client's daily routine. Such separation is more effective for treatment.

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3. Available Medical Supervision

The most severe alcohol problems are best handled when appropriate medical supervision is supplied. When recovering alcoholics work with a private rehabilitation centre, that care and supervision are available 24 hours a day, for the entire duration of treatment. The same may not be true when accessing NHS treatment or receiving care through a private counsellor or alcohol charity.

Please do not underestimate the importance of medical supervision. Alcohol is a dangerous drug that has significant impacts on both the body and mind. Medical supervision during recovery is necessary just in case an emergency arises. One example of such emergencies is something known as delirium tremens. This condition can be potentially deadly.

4. Length of Stay and Availability

Assuming you would choose a private rehabilitation centre for alcohol recovery, you would have to consider the duration of stay and the availability of treatment. Where availability is concerned, there is little to worry about. Most of the private alcohol clinics in the UK have ample bed space available at any given time. You should be able to start treatment within days of making contact.

As for the length of stay, that depends on the seriousness of your alcohol problem. If you are a late-stage alcohol abuser or early-stage alcoholic, you might be okay with a three-week programme that includes detox and select rehabilitative therapies. A more severe alcohol abuse problem may require as many as 12 weeks of concentrated treatment. This is something we can talk about when you contact our 24-hour helpline.

5. Pricing and Payment Options

We wish we could tell you that alcohol treatment at a private rehabilitation centre is free. We cannot. However, we work with an extensive list of private clinics throughout the UK. This gives us access to clinics in a variety of price ranges. For example, we can help connect you to a private clinic offering treatment costing just a few thousand pounds or less.

If you would prefer a luxury clinic and you have the means to pay for it, we can connect you to one here or overseas. There is an alcohol rehab clinic out there for every budget and preference. You can pay by cash, credit card, or other appropriate means.

Alcohol treatment in a private rehabilitation centre is your best bet for full and complete recovery. If you are ready to begin the recovery process, please do not hesitate to contact us right away. We are standing by to help you find the treatment you need and deserve.

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