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Private Alcohol Rehab – A Guide to Costs and Locations

Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

What is alcohol rehab? How does it work? Where are rehab centres located and how much do they cost? These are all questions we answer on a daily basis. As an independent provider of alcohol assessments and referral services, we assist clients and their families looking for help to solve local problems. We deal with the full range of alcohol-related issues including problem drinking, alcohol abuse, and alcohol addiction (alcoholism).

Assuming you are in need of assistance, we can refer you to a private alcohol rehab clinic or connect you with an alcohol charity, private counsellor, or an appropriate NHS programme. There are enough rehabilitation choices out there to meet any need and budget. It is simply a matter of understanding the seriousness of your problem and how it can best be overcome. However, we cannot help you until you contact us.

Choosing the Right Treatment Option

Before we can even begin discussing rehab centre locations and costs, it is imperative to figure out what kind of treatment is right in your circumstances. To that end, our counsellors are trained to provide comprehensive assessments based on your answers to targeted questions. Our comprehensive assessment looks at the long list of factors including:

  • how long you have been drinking
  • how much you drink on a regular basis
  • your history with alcohol and other addictive substances
  • your financial and family circumstances
  • your general physical health
  • the existence of any potential warning signs or symptoms of alcoholism.

Those who contact us quickly discover that we have no interest in lecturing our clients or passing judgement on them. We have but one mission that governs everything we do: to figure out whether or not our clients have a drinking problem and, if they do, direct them to the public or private alcohol rehab programme capable of helping them overcome. The most important thing to us is your successful recovery.

The Cost of Private Treatment

We are asked quite often how much private treatment at a residential clinic costs. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any hard and fast numbers in this post because charges vary from one clinic to the next. What we can say is that there is private alcohol rehab clinics across the UK in a variety of price ranges. Rest assured that we can find a treatment programme that fits your budget.

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For the purposes of simplicity, we can list private clinics under the following three classifications:

  • Basic Clinics – The basic rehab clinic offers modest accommodations and a limited number of amenities. They usually include rooms shared between two clients as well as public spaces used for support group meetings, counselling, and leisure activities. Many do not offer on-site exercise facilities but do have access to them off-site.
  • Mid-Level Clinics – Mid-level clinics tend to offer a combination of both private and shared rooms. Facilities are likely to be slightly larger and may include on-site exercise facilities. They also tend to be located on fairly sizeable properties that allow clients to enjoy outdoor spaces and privacy.
  • Luxury Clinics – Luxury clinics should speak for themselves. They offer four and five-star accommodations designed for well-to-do clients who are used to a certain level of service. Luxury clinics usually include on-site exercise facilities, spas, and other amenities.

The fee you might pay for private rehab will depend on the kind of clinic you choose. Basic clinics can run a few thousand pounds for a 12-week programme while a luxury clinic can run tens of thousands of pounds. How much can you afford? What kinds of amenities are important to you? Are you willing to share a room, or do you want something private? These are all things we can talk about when you contact us.

Just like cost, you have a lot of different choices when it comes to location. For example, basic level rehab clinics are the type most commonly found in the UK. There are hundreds of them located throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We can help you find one in your local area – or as nearby as possible if you do not live in a major metropolitan centre.

Luxury clinics are a lot less common because demand is considerably less. There are a few here in the UK, but there are others located throughout Europe and the US. We have connections to most of them. If you desire alcohol rehab at a luxury clinic, you need only let us know. We will set the wheels in motion to connect you with the one best suited to your needs and preferences.

An important thing to consider when choosing a location is the surrounding environment. Why is this important? Because distractions can play a significant role in the success of your recovery. If you are the kind of person who is easily distracted, you might do better in a rehab clinic located in the countryside. A more rural setting eliminates many of the distractions that are common to urban environments, distractions that could hinder your progress.

On the other hand, your family might prefer you get treatment in an urban setting so that they have easier access to you. That's not a problem. There are plenty of rehab clinics located in metropolitan areas throughout the country. These clinics are easily accessible by way of public transport and car.

Now Is the Time to Get Help

We have equipped you with basic information relating to rehab costs and facility locations. The next step is yours. If you know you have an alcohol problem and need professional treatment we encourage you to contact us for more information. Even if you're not sure whether or not an alcohol problem exists, we can still help by walking you through the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and dependence.

If our assessment indicates you do need professional treatment, we will present you with all of your options for private alcohol rehab. You will have the ultimate and final say as to what treatment you take advantage of.

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