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Help for Alcoholics – How to Get the Support You Need Now

Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

Every day you wake up hoping that today will be the day you can stop drinking. Yet you never succeed. Alcohol controls every aspect of your life, from the moment you rise in the morning until the time you go to bed at night. Things are now at the point that you just do not believe you can function if you don't drink. The truth is, you are an alcoholic. But don't give up; help for alcoholics is available throughout the UK.

Alcohol abuse and dependence are all too common in our modern culture. Many of the people we assist into recovery started out as casual drinkers who thought nothing of their habit. Yet without knowing what was happening, they were overcome by alcohol to the point that casual use became abuse, and alcohol abuse became dependence.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, we want you to know that we understand, and we can help. Our organisation specialises in providing comprehensive alcohol assessments, advice, and treatment referrals. You can get the alcoholism help you need right now simply by contacting us via our 24-hour helpline. All it takes on your part is a simple contact and the desire to get well. We come alongside and assist you with everything else.

What You Need for Recovery

The medical community has made great strides over the years in understanding alcoholism and how to treat it. The result is that there is now more help for alcoholics than ever before. The NHS offers help to those in the earliest stages of alcohol abuse while residential clinics, private counsellors, and alcohol charities put their efforts into assisting those with already established alcoholism. We all work together to give hope to alcoholics and their families.

As a full-blown alcoholic suffering from an uncontrollable addiction, you need several things to get well. It is our belief that the best place to find what you need is in a private, residential rehab clinic. Private rehab offers the following:

  • Medically Supervised Detox – Detox is necessary if the alcoholic truly wants to recover. However, detox is a medical emergency that can lead to serious health problems or even death if not monitored by medical professionals. The advantage of residential treatment is that the detox process is always medically supervised.
  • Rehab Treatments – Alcoholism is as much a psychological and emotional problem as it is physical. In order to recover, you will need rehab treatments designed to address the psychological and emotional causes. If you deal only with the physical side of alcoholism, you are more likely to relapse in the future.
  • Individual Support – There is a lot to be said about support in the recovery process. People do much better in recovery when they know those who are caring for them and treating them fully support their efforts to get well. The support of fellow alcoholics undergoing the same treatments is also invaluable.
  • Aftercare Support – Studies have shown that recovering alcoholics who enter an established aftercare programme are significantly less likely to relapse. You need aftercare to help you readjust to life without alcohol once your primary treatment is complete.

We work with private clinics throughout the UK that offer exactly what you need to get well. Helping an alcoholic go from complete dependence to a lifetime of sobriety is what these clinics exist for. We can help you find one in your local area, as well as help you make arrangements for treatment and answer any questions you might have

Get Free Expert Help From Qualified Counsellors RIGHT Now.

You Must Want the Help

Help for alcoholics is readily available no matter where you live in the UK. But please understand that you must want to be helped if the support you seek is to be effective. No counsellor or therapist can give you a pill that will make you better overnight; recovery is a long and gradual process that requires a commitment from the alcoholic. If you want to get well, recovery is entirely possible; if you do not wish to get well, you probably won't.

Please note that clinics offering help for alcoholics are equally interested in your loved ones. As we say quite often in the recovery community, alcoholism is a family disease that affects not only the drinker but also his or her spouse, children, siblings, and extended family members. A successful treatment programme takes account of that by offering the necessary support and help family members need. This can be done by way of counselling and a variety of support services.

If you do not want to recover from alcoholism for your sake, are you willing to do so for the sake of your family? They want to see you well. They want to return to the days when your family was happier and more strongly united. They want to watch you live a long and productive life free of the influence of alcohol. If they could, they would probably undertake your treatment for you. But they cannot. Only you can decide to seek treatment; only you can make the decision to get well.

Your Life Can Be Dramatically Different

Now that you know help for alcoholics is available throughout the UK, we want to ask you this question: do you believe it can be successful in your case? In other words, do you believe you really can get well with the right kind of treatment and support? Trust us when we say you can. Over the years, we have worked with countless numbers of alcoholics who were doubtful of treatment only to find out that it really can work when accompanied by the right attitude.

Just think, one year from now your life could be dramatically different after having completed residential treatment and aftercare. You could be living a life free of alcohol dependence, a life that allows you and your family to pursue all of your hopes and dreams. The truth is that alcohol does not have to continue to be the controlling factor in your life.

Contact us right now and let us put you in touch with clinics and other providers offering help for alcoholics. Getting in touch with us is the first step on your road to complete and full recovery.

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