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Alcohol Rehabilitation Services In and Local to Edinburgh

However, not all of Edinburgh’s residents can enjoy fun in their hometown. Some Edinburgh residents are dealing with a common problem; a problem that affects thousands of others across the UK – alcoholism. Addiction to alcohol is something that many people from Edinburgh suffer with. This growing problem causes devastation to families and local communities and places a tremendous burden on the National Health Service and other public services. Nevertheless, it is an illness that can be treated; here at Alcohol Rescue, we are doing everything we can to ensure that as many individuals as possible are getting the treatments needed to help them overcome their addictions.

How We Are Helping

Alcohol Rescue is making sure that those affected by alcohol addiction can access alcohol rehabilitation services in and local to Edinburgh. Our goal is to ensure clients that they can recover from addiction. Addiction is a terrible illness that changes the way the brain functions, but with the right support and treatment, it is possible to overcome the illness. No matter how serious your addiction, please know that it can be treated. There is nothing you could tell us that we have not dealt with before, and please be reassured that there is no addiction too severe that it cannot be overcome. If you are willing and want to make a change, you can achieve this with the help of Alcohol Rescue.

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What We Do

Alcohol Rescue will listen to you and ask questions about your addiction. It is important that you are honest with your answers because this will allow us to make sure you get the most appropriate treatments.

Our experienced staff will provide you with a full assessment and will then refer you to a suitable treatment provider based on your requirements. We work with both private and public organisations and will take your circumstances into account before making a referral.

It is important to realise that by visiting our website, you have taken a huge step on the road to recovery. It is now time to let Alcohol Rescue help you to take the next step.

Clinics local to
Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Clinic
Distance: 2 Miles
This Edinburgh alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic is dedicated to giving patients the best addiction treatment services available. They have a reputation for helping clients recover from their addiction problems....
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A fresh start is just a phone call away - Call 0808 274 4095 and speak to a qualified expert now...
Detox and Rehab Facility in Central Scotland
Distance: 36 Miles
This residential clinic in central Scotland is situated in a luxurious medieval castle and offers comprehensive treatments in a fully supported and comfortable setting for those with complex needs. It offers private accommodation with en suite facilities for up to 21 patients at any one time....
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A fresh start is just a phone call away - Call 0808 274 4095 and speak to a qualified expert now...
Glasgow Luxury Residential Clinic for Addiction
Distance: 41 Miles
This clinic is located in Glasgow and offers luxurious accommodation to those struggling with various addictions and compulsive behaviours. It is ideally suited to those who want to avail of top quality care and support during rehabilitation....
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A fresh start is just a phone call away - Call 0808 274 4095 and speak to a qualified expert now...
Glasgow Rehab Clinic for Alcoholism
Distance: 43 Miles
Alcohol addiction treatment in this top level residential facility that offers a range of effective treatments with a person-centred approach. Recognising that alcoholism is a family illness, this superb clinic also provides support for family members....
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A fresh start is just a phone call away - Call 0808 274 4095 and speak to a qualified expert now...
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