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Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Clinic

This rehabilitation facility has a long history, having operated continuously in the Edinburgh area since 1988. It has helped hundreds of patients break free from their addictions to live the lives they desire. The clinic offers a treatment programme that works to the philosophy that addiction is a curable illness. It promotes lifelong abstinence and uses all available approaches to make sure people don’t regress into destructive habits.

Ethos of the Staff

The staff working at this Edinburgh treatment clinic are committed to upholding the reputation of the centre as one of the premier places for addiction treatment in the country. Clients are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve while giving them the tools they need to turn their lives around.

Accommodation Options

This is a large addiction treatment centre boasting 121 registered beds. Nine beds are designated for clients undergoing detoxification. There are 40 rooms with en suite facilities and 20 bedrooms with three or more beds. The facility encompasses 50 acres of the idyllic Scottish countryside.

The location of the facility ensures a significant degree of privacy.

The Team in Action

An expert team helps to deliver the services of this clinic. The team consists of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, therapists, and other support staff. Many staff members have moved from across the country just to work in this high-quality facility.

All staff members are respected within their chosen professions.

The Treatment Regimen

All clients will undergo a risk assessment when they arrive at the facility. This will also ensure that they receive the type of treatment that is right for them. Care plans are tailored to the individual, rather than dogmatically sticking to one treatment regimen or another.

This facility uses a large number addiction recovery options to facilitate the healing process. Some of the approaches include:

  • Group and individual counselling
  • Cognitive and family therapies
  • Life skills workshops
  • Creative pursuits to help redirect nervous energies
  • 12-Step meetings

Who is this Facility Suited For?

This facility services cater for clients aged 17 to 90, and males and females are accepted. All are expected to adhere to abstinence over the course of the treatment and beyond.

Disabled Access

One room provides full disability access and the facility has full access for wheelchairs.

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addiction
  • Opiate and barbiturate abuse
  • Gambling addiction
  • Dual diagnosis patients
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