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To find out if there is any risk of alcohol related issues with you or a loved one’s current alcohol consumption just fill in the simple test below.

This Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) was developed by a WHO (World Health Organisation) sponsored collaborative project in order to determine if a person may be at risk from alcohol related issues.

The ten question test was validated in a study taking patients from six different countries. A number of independent research studies have found that the AUDIT screening tool is both a reliable and valid measure in identifying alcohol related problem behaviour.

Answer these 10 simple questions to find out if your drinking is a problem.

Risk of Drinking Patterns


Neglect of Responsibilities


Loss of Control


Problematic Usage



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* Please note that these questionnaires are not meant to provide an official diagnosis on alcohol abuse, dependence or alcoholism, if you find that you have a question about your own drinking or that of a loved one, either now or in the future, please discuss with your physician, healthcare professional or out treatment helpline advisors.

We utilise an alcohol quiz of sorts based on a scientifically established, peer-reviewed alcohol questionnaire that was developed by Maudsley College in London. The original questionnaire involves 20 questions that measure a person's level of alcohol dependence based on ranking answers to the questions. Over the years, it has proven to be a relatively reliable questionnaire capable of identifying alcohol problems of all kinds.

We offer an online alcohol dependence test here on our website. If you think you might be an alcoholic, test yourself with our online tool. Knowing that you have a problem is the first step in overcoming.

If you would prefer, you can call our 24-hour helpline and speak to a live counsellor who will walk you through the assessment. We can then offer you treatment options made available through private clinics, alcohol counsellors, and other service providers. Ultimately, helping you get the treatment you need is our top priority.

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