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Aftercare and Counselling

Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

Many recovering addicts require an aftercare service; here at Alcohol Rescue, we can provide aftercare sessions with a fully qualified counsellor once your programme of rehabilitation is complete. Our counsellors specialise in offering a high level of service to those who require aftercare treatment, and all are registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

On leaving the rehab clinic where you were treated for your addiction, you will be provided with a discharge report. Our counsellors will use this report to determine any specific areas where you require further treatment or attention. You can then work together with the counsellor to ensure that what you have learned in rehab can be easily applied to normal life. Our aftercare programmes focus on relapse prevention and on strengthening the skills you need for independent sober living. Aftercare programmes can be hugely beneficial when it comes to keeping you motivated to stay sober.

Attending Aftercare

Here at Alcohol Rescue, we will ensure that you are referred to a counsellor located near to you as this will be more convenient. However, it is equally important that the counsellor we recommend is one who will be able to meet your treatment needs. Our job is to make sure that your recovery remains on the right track during and after rehabilitation. Aftercare counsellors will arrange for meetings to take place in a private room, which will be located in a safe and secure, but public, establishment.

What to Expect

Aftercare sessions typically last for an hour at a time, and we usually recommend that you attend at least twenty sessions. We believe that the more aftercare sessions a patient participates in, the greater his or her chance of long-term success. Nevertheless, we understand that addiction treatment can be costly, so if you have budget constraints, we can offer you a package of ten aftercare sessions instead. Remember that even if you sign up for a programme of ten sessions, you can extend this if it is necessary and feasible to do so.

As mentioned, it is expected that you meet with your aftercare counsellor at least once per week, although if you have other commitments, then this can be changed to suit.

Do You Have to Attend Aftercare?

While aftercare programmes are by no means compulsory, we would advise most of our clients to consider them. Studies have shown that people in early recovery have the highest risk of relapse, so aftercare treatment can be immensely beneficial when it comes to staying focused.

It is also extremely difficult to adjust to sober life after leaving an intensive and structured programme of rehabilitation, and many recovering alcoholics find it hard to cope. Nonetheless, with a good aftercare programme in place, you will be able to work alongside a qualified and experienced counsellor who will ensure you learn how to live a normal life without the crutch of alcohol.

Arranging Aftercare

If you would like extra support after leaving rehab, contact Alcohol Rescue today. We will be able to provide you with options in terms of a suitable aftercare programme based on the type of treatment you received in rehab. Our advisors will make all the arrangements for you so that all you have to do is turn up at the appropriate time and place.

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