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How to Quickly Gain Access to the Best Alcohol Services

Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

When trying to get help for an alcohol problem, time is of the essence. It does not matter whether you need help for yourself or for someone else you are concerned about. The longer you wait to take advantage of local services, the more serious the problem in question becomes. Getting help as soon as possible gives you the best chances of stopping a drinking problem in its tracks.

So, how can you quickly gain access to alcohol services in your area? The fastest way is to contact us using our 24-hour helpline or our website. We are an independent organisation with a mission to help problem drinkers and their families by offering free advice, assessments, and referrals to alcohol services. We do what we do because we know that alcohol abuse and dependence unnecessarily destroy thousands of lives in the UK every single year.

Helping people access the treatments they need is our way of also helping to mitigate the alcohol abuse problem we see all around us. We may not be able to help everyone, for one reason or another, but we can help you if you are willing to contact us today. With just one phone call, you or someone you care about could be on the road to recovery. Treatment can begin in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Alcoholism a Progressive Condition

We mentioned at the start of this post how time is of the essence when dealing with alcohol problems. There is a simple reason behind this truth: alcoholism is a progressive condition that gradually gets worse. Complicating the issue is the fact that the speed of progression picks up over time. In other words, it takes less time to progress from alcohol abuse to dependence than it did to get from casual drinking to problem drinking.

Think of alcoholism as a car rolling down a hill. At the top of the hill, the car starts out slowly as it relies on its weight and gravity to instigate motion. Yet once the car starts rolling, kinetic energy is added to the equation. Every inch travelled means kinetic energy is combining with the weight of the vehicle to increase its velocity. By the time the car reaches the bottom of the hill it is moving at its fastest speed. The progression from problem drinking to alcoholism works the same way.

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This illustration should make it clear why gaining access to alcohol services is so important. The sooner in the process we can interrupt the drinking cycle, the better the chances that we can stop the condition from progressing any further. The opposite is also true. Waiting until someone has been a chronic alcoholic for years significantly reduces the likelihood that all of the physical and psychological damage of alcohol can be undone.

Delaying Treatment Should Not Be an Option

As someone struggling with alcohol, you might be reading this guide and leaning toward delaying treatment for a few weeks or months. Perhaps you are living under the mistaken assumption that you can put off treatment for a while without compromising your health. In so doing, you hope to get a few more weeks of enjoyment out of your current lifestyle.

Get Free Expert Help From Qualified Counsellors RIGHT Now.

We want to challenge you to stop right now and rethink your strategy. Delaying treatment for an alcohol problem, regardless of how minor you think it might be, should never be an option. The risks of continued drinking are just too high. What you might consider a minor drinking problem may actually be full-blown alcoholism. You might be on the verge of losing everything you hold dear without even realising it. Alcohol is deceptive that way.

One of the biggest challenges with excessive drinking is the fact that it clouds a person's judgement and ability to think. Because alcohol is influencing the way your brain works, you may be unable to fully grasp the seriousness of your situation. You may not be able to see that you are dependent on a drug that is slowly but surely killing you. That's why delaying treatment is so dangerous. It is why delaying treatment should never be an option.

Alcohol Services in Your Area

Hopefully, we have your attention by now. The good news is that alcohol services are available in your local area; we can help you access them quickly. It only takes one phone call or a message sent through our website. The moment we hear from you, we can set things in motion to get you connected to a treatment provider.

As an independent referral service, we are free to utilise treatment services from a full range of providers. We are not tied to a single clinic or treatment methodology. In order to help you, we will look at all of your options including:

  • private rehab clinics
  • independent alcohol counsellors
  • alcohol charities
  • local alcohol support groups
  • rehab services offered by the NHS.

We should tell you upfront that we prefer services provided by private clinics and counsellors. We are also very supportive of alcohol charities and local support groups. In the case of all four, services are readily available on short notice. The same cannot be said about NHS programmes.

The NHS does everything it can to help those struggling with alcohol abuse or dependence. But they are dealing with a tremendous volume of patients suffering from every kind of disease and injury under the sun. The NHS simply does not have the time or resources to focus on alcohol recovery to the same extent as private service providers, charities, and support groups.

When you contact us for help with an alcohol problem, we will assess your situation based on standard benchmarks for alcohol dependence and recovery. We will walk you through the full range of alcohol services available in your local area as well. Should you decide to seek treatment, and we sincerely hope you will, we can refer you to the treatment provider of your choice.

Remember, time is of the essence when dealing with an alcohol problem. The sooner you seek out alcohol services, the sooner you will be getting the help you need to bring an end to your drinking problem. Ultimately, that is the goal.

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