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Alcohol Rehab – UK Top-Rated Clinics Reviewed

Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

Alcohol rehab in the UK is very similar to what you will find elsewhere in Europe or North America. It is a combination of medical and psychotherapeutic treatments that seek to identify the root causes of an alcohol problem and then treat it as both a medical and behavioural issue. Given that treatments are similar among private clinics, finding the right clinic for an individual is a matter of reviewing all of the choices to determine which one offers the greatest hope for full and complete recovery.

We are happy to say that we are fortunate to have a fair number of excellent alcohol rehabilitation centres in the UK. There are not as many as there was a decade ago, but enough capacity remains to provide the treatments people with alcohol problems need. Are you among them? If so, we are standing by to help you locate and access effective treatment.

Professional alcohol rehab really is not an option if you have already been clinically diagnosed as an alcoholic. A comprehensive rehab addressing both the physical and mental aspects of addiction provides the only basis for your recovery. Without treatment, the devastating cycle of alcohol dependence and the physical and mental harm it causes will only continue unabated. You need to interrupt the cycle with effective treatment.

Perhaps you do not know whether or not you are an alcoholic. That's okay. We can help you figure it out through a comprehensive assessment based on the latest standards and protocols of modern alcohol recovery. By answering some targeted questions regarding your current alcohol use and history, you make it possible for us to assess the severity of your alcohol problem with a fair level of accuracy. Then we can recommend appropriate treatments.

Recovery Clinics in Your Area

As an entirely independent advice and referral service, we continually review the full range of service providers offering the most effective treatments for drinking problems. We can help you find a private or public clinic in your local area. Alcohol rehab in the UK is such that accessibility is usually not an issue for anyone other than those who live in the most remote regions of the British Isles.

Your primary options for treatment are as follows:

  • Private Treatment – Private treatment is available through residential rehab clinics and individual counsellors. It can be accessed on either an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending on your particular needs. Private treatment can include everything from detox to counselling therapies to group support.
  • Public Treatment – Public treatment is provided exclusively by the NHS; either at government clinics or through alcohol charities. Although treatments are offered free of charge, they are often oversubscribed and subject to considerable waiting times. Clients are expected to seek out counselling and support while they wait for treatment to commence.

We tend to recommend private alcohol rehab in the UK as the first choice for most clients. Private treatment tends to be easier to access, more readily available, and more comprehensive in its application. Private treatment is also more concentrated and client focused, meaning recovery tends to be faster and more thorough.

Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment

Every client we work with has the option of choosing private or public treatment. Following that determination is an additional choice of either outpatient or inpatient care. There are significant differences between the two that play into the individual's final decision.

Outpatient treatment requires clients to regularly visit local alcohol rehabilitation centres. They usually visit every day during the earliest stages of treatment, in order to receive prescription medications and other necessary medical care related to detox. This is followed up by counselling sessions that may extend over weeks or months. Clients return home at the conclusion of every day's sessions.

Inpatient treatment gets its name from the fact that patients actually reside at a clinic for the duration of treatment. Accommodations are provided by way of private or dual-occupancy rooms and facilities that resemble small group homes. Because clients do not return home at the end of every day, they are better able to focus on recovery in an environment that separates them from the kinds of circumstances that enabled them to drink at home.

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The typical residential treatment programme lasts between three and 12 weeks, depending on the types of treatments being used. One of the great things about modern alcohol rehab in the UK is that residential clinics now use bespoke treatment plans rather than the old one-size-fits-all treatment approach. Treatment plans are based on:

  • current level of alcohol consumption
  • length of time the client has been drinking
  • history with addictive substances
  • current financial and home life circumstances
  • current physical and mental health.

If you are an alcoholic with a consistent record of problem drinking, you are a strong candidate for residential treatment in a private clinic. A less severe problem could also be addressed through residential treatment, but you might also do fine with an outpatient programme in a private or public clinic. There is no way to tell without conducting a comprehensive assessment of your circumstances.

What Happens without Treatment

The services we provide our clients are designed to encourage them to willingly seek treatment for alcohol problems. We cannot force anyone into treatment, nor would we attempt to do so. Experience has taught us that successful treatment depends on a client's willingness to participate in it and give him/herself to it 100%. Those who are forced or manipulated into treatment tend to return to drinking in the future.

What happens if you have an alcohol problem and decide not to seek treatment? There are a lot of possibilities. First and foremost, persistent drinking will most definitely impact your health. Excessive alcohol consumption damages the liver and can lead to additional problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and mental illnesses like depression.

Above and beyond general physical and mental health, persistent drinking can lead to:

  • significant financial problems
  • loss of a job or business
  • ruined family relationships (spouse, children)
  • loss of friendships and extended family relationships
  • loss of a home, car and other personal property
  • physical disability and premature death.

Please understand that untreated problem drinking can very quickly evolve into alcohol abuse. Likewise, alcohol abuse that is not treated almost always leads to alcoholism. Nothing good can come of your continued drinking if you suspect you have a drinking problem. Why allow things to get worse when alcohol rehab in the UK is so readily available?

Part of our mission as an independent advice and referral organisation is to regularly review all of the treatment options available across the UK. We put in the work and do the research so that our clients have instant access to alcohol treatment. You do not need to spend valuable weeks that could be devoted to treatment researching clinics in hopes that you stumble across the right one. You can simply call our 24-hour helpline and let us connect you with an appropriate treatment clinic within minutes.

Alcohol rehab in the UK exists to help problem drinkers and their families overcome alcohol abuse or alcoholism. We can assist you by connecting you with a local rehab clinic or another treatment provider, but only after you contact us. Why not do so right now?

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