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Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

All of us are in need of help at certain points in our lives. Sometimes we need help to overcome financial problems; other times we need the comfort of friends who can help us through the devastating loss of a loved one. The point is that it is okay to find yourself in a place of need. It is part of what makes us human. We all depend on one another for that extra help when times get challenging. This reality is at the core of why we offer our 24-hour alcohol helpline.

The primary mission of our organisation is to assist those with alcohol problems in finding the support and treatments they need. Yet we have discovered the first step in the process of arranging treatment is to just talk. Take your situation. You may know something is going on with you but you are not quite sure what it is. Or maybe you suspect you have a drinking problem but you also find yourself confused by all of the information and opinions you have been exposed to. Just talking to someone with a compassionate heart and genuine knowledge of treatments can be a big help.

We want to provide that outlet for you. If you believe you are suffering from an alcohol problem, or you are concerned about a friend or family member, please call our helpline and speak with one of our friendly experts for free. That's right, we do not charge anything for the services we provide to alcoholics and their loved ones.

Why We Do What We Do

There is more to our alcohol helpline than just a compassionate and listening ear. We go above and beyond by offering good advice and referrals to local treatment providers ready to assist our clients. Why do we do what we do, for free? Because we are genuinely concerned about the health and welfare of those we work with. We know how devastating alcoholism is for everyone it touches. We also know that offering our services free to clients may be just the motivation they need to get started on the long road to recovery.

Over the years, we have come alongside countless numbers of alcoholics and alcohol abusers who knew they needed help but did not know what to do. We have come alongside their families to refer them to counselling and other support services. We can do the same for you. All you have to do is contact our alcohol helpline or reach us through our website. We always have friendly and trained counsellors standing by to assist.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

Reaching out for help when you are struggling with alcohol may not be the easiest thing in the world do. We understand that. But the fact that you have chosen to visit our website indicates to us that you are already aware a problem exists. That's good. Coming to terms with the fact that you have a drinking problem is the hardest step of all. Now that you know, you can do something about it. The counsellors who staff our alcohol abuse helpline can work with you to make it possible to take the next step.

That next step is one of allowing us to assess your situation so that we can refer you to the appropriate treatment centre. We conduct assessments before making referrals because there is no single treatment programme that is suitable for everyone. The severity of your problem may be such that the most appropriate treatment for you is a residential rehab programme at a private clinic. On the other hand, someone else might be better served with private counselling and outpatient rehab. The only way to know for sure is to conduct a comprehensive assessment first.

When you contact us, we promise you will receive that assessment. We also answer any questions you might have about alcoholism or the treatment programmes in your local area. We will then give you several options for treatment for you to choose from. Finally, we will help you make treatment arrangements by providing a referral to the treatment programme you have chosen.

We work with an extensive list of treatment providers, including:

  • Private Rehab Clinics – It is our understanding that private rehab clinics offering residential rehab are the most effective for treating alcoholism. We can discuss private clinics with you when you call our alcohol helpline.
  • Private Counsellors – There are private counsellors located throughout the UK that specialise in outpatient alcohol treatment. The services they provide are a good option for those who may not be candidates for private rehab.
  • The NHS – We are happy to refer clients to the NHS when circumstances warrant. However, you should be aware that the NHS does not provide residential treatment any longer. Furthermore, NHS programmes often involve long wait times due to over-subscribing.
  • Support Groups and Charities – Alcohol support groups and charities do great work in helping alcoholics and alcohol abusers. We might refer you exclusively to one of these organisations or encourage you to take advantage of them in concert with an outpatient rehab programme or aftercare following residential treatment.

As you can see, there is no shortage of resources for us to work with. If you have an alcohol problem, no matter how severe, we can connect you with the appropriate treatment and support mechanisms that will enable you to overcome. Again, you only need to contact us via our alcohol helpline or this website. The sooner you do the sooner we can get started.

What You Can Expect from Treatment

The details of any given treatment programme will differ from one provider to the next. In general, however, there are some things you can expect from treatment regardless of the provider you choose. The first is detox. In order to overcome alcoholism, you will need to undergo a period of detox designed to help you overcome your physical dependence on alcohol. Should you choose a private rehab clinic, rest assured your detox will be medically supervised.

You can also expect to undergo some sort of counselling therapy. It may be one-on-one counselling, as in the case of cognitive behavioural therapy, or it may be group counselling in a support group setting. Some programmes utilise a combination of both kinds of counselling for maximum effectiveness.

Lastly, you can expect your counsellors and therapists to be very involved at every step of the process. They will constantly be checking on your welfare, asking questions, and attempting to measure your progress. This is not because they do not trust you or they are trying to control you. It is because they are genuinely interested in your long-term success. They need to know what is going on with you so they can adjust your treatments accordingly. In the end, the goal is 100% recovery that lasts forever.

Does professional treatment for alcoholism work? Yes, it does. Most of the clients who call our alcohol helpline and go on to treatment make a complete recovery. However, whether or not you succeed is entirely up to you. Overcoming alcoholism requires your commitment to getting well and staying well. As we say in the recovery community, the only real cure for alcoholism is abstinence. And you are the only one who can make sure you remain abstinent.

Our counsellors are waiting for your call right now. Please take advantage of our alcohol helpline for friendly, free service. It could be the best decision you ever make.

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