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Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

Imagine being faced with an insurmountable problem that affects every area of your life, every single day. Imagine not being able to see any solution that can make your life even the slightest bit better. This is the life faced by the alcoholic. An addiction to alcohol affects absolutely everything and everyone it touches. In most cases, the only solution possible is to find professional alcohol help that includes proven treatment and aftercare support.

Our culture generally understands that excessive drinking is not good. But how many of us really understand the devastating effect alcohol has on the mind and body? Such a lack of understanding can make it more difficult for someone in the throes of alcoholism to find the help and support he or she needs because friends and family members do not understand the severity of what he/she is going through.

If you are struggling with alcohol right now, rest assured that we understand your problem. We specialise in helping alcoholics access the right kinds of treatment programmes that will enable them to beat alcoholism once and for all. Our trained and compassionate counsellors take the time to walk each client through their current circumstances in order to find a clinic or other treatment provider offering services in the local area.

How Alcohol Affects the Mind

Some of the people we help contact us only after they have tried and failed at a self-help attempt. The reality is that self-help does not always work because of the influence alcohol has on the mind. Alcoholism is not just a physical problem; it is a mental and emotional one as well. Allow us to explain.

When alcohol enters the bloodstream, it eventually makes its way to the brain. It triggers the brain to begin producing neurotransmitters that positively or negatively affect perceptions of pleasure. In the alcoholic, the response is one of extreme pleasure. The problem they run into is one of tolerance.

Tolerance occurs when the volume of neurotransmitters produced by the brain is enough to offset the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. The only way for the alcoholic to resolve this problem is to drink more in order to feel good. This works for a while, until the brain once again readjusts to even things out. At that point, alcohol consumption must be increased yet again. It is a vicious cycle that results in the alcoholic drinking more with each passing day.

This cycle of increase and tolerance eventually prevents the alcoholic from thinking clearly. It is common for alcoholics not to be able to see what is happening in their lives because their minds are so influenced by the drug they are ingesting. Ceasing alcohol consumption is the only way to return the mind to normal.

How Alcohol Affects the Body

The physical effects of persistent alcohol abuse occur alongside the mental effects. Physical problems related alcoholism can manifest themselves in any number of ways, including cirrhosis, kidney problems, ongoing gastrointestinal issues, redness in the cheeks and nose, redness and swelling in the hands, and the unexplained exacerbation of other medical conditions.

That said, perhaps the most challenging physical effect of alcoholism is that of dependence. What is dependence? It is a condition in which the body becomes so accustomed to having alcohol in the system that it has trouble functioning without it. This physical dependence is the very reason alcoholism is considered no different than drug addiction. And it is dependence that causes physical withdrawal symptoms to occur when the alcoholic stops drinking.

It is true that alcoholism is a devastating problem that destroys lives. But it doesn't have to. The alcoholic can get well by submitting to an alcohol help programme at a private clinic, or through a counsellor or other service provider. Professional treatment is based on the reality that alcoholism is a medical problem requiring medical treatments that are proven to work. Those who seek medically-based alcohol addiction help are more likely to succeed in complete recovery.

The fact that you are visiting our website today suggests you might be wondering how to find alcohol help and advice in your area. The answer is simple: contact us via our 24-hour helpline or through our website. We have trained professionals standing by to assist you at all times, professionals who are experts in helping clients find appropriate local support and treatment.

When you contact us, we will provide the following:

  • A complete and professional assessment of your current situation
  • Sound advice as to how to best proceed in your case
  • Answers to any questions you might have about treatment
  • Referral advice relating to the treatment options in your area
  • A willing ear to listen to everything you have to say.

Our primary mission is to make sure the right kind of alcohol help is available to anyone who needs it. This is why we work with so many different rehab clinics around the country. We know that people have different needs based on their circumstances and that there is no treatment solution that is a perfect fit for everyone. If we can’t find you the help you need at a private residential clinic, we can refer you to other services provided by the NHS, alcohol counsellors, and local charities.

Alcohol help is available to you if you want it. However, we can neither reach out to you beyond our website nor force you to enrol in a treatment programme. You have to make the first move by contacting us. Doing so could be the best decision you have ever made for yourself and your family.

We know you might be scared of alcohol treatment due to some of the stories you have heard about detox and rehab. But are you at least willing to call and speak with one of our counsellors? You may find recovery uncomfortable along the way, that's true. But you will discover it was well worth it when you are finally free from alcohol and living the life you deserve.

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