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To say that alcohol is a problem in England is an understatement. As many as 6% to 7% of all adults in England and Wales show some signs of alcohol dependence or abuse. As you would expect, the problem is most severe where the population is higher – places such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham. That means the need for alcohol counselling in London and the country's other major population centres is more profound as well.

According to the London Ambulance Service, alcohol-related problems are the number one cause of ambulance calls among those between the ages of 21 and 30. The service responded to more than 5,000 such calls just in December 2015 alone. Westminster is hardest hit, with 9.5% of its ambulance calls relating to alcohol.

It is clear that those who use alcohol irresponsibly increase their risks of accident and injury. Persistent excess adds the additional risk of developing a drinking problem that could eventually escalate to alcohol abuse or complete dependence. The key to preventing alcoholism is not to begin drinking in the first place. But for someone who has already surpassed what is typically considered casual drinking, alcohol counselling is the next line of defence. An experienced counsellor can identify the seriousness of an alcohol problem and help facilitate the treatments necessary to control it.

Call Us for Help

Counselling is just one part of a comprehensive plan for solving a drinking problem. If you have a problem yourself, we can help you figure out how severe it is and what kinds of additional treatments you need. Getting started is a simple matter of contacting us on a 24-hour helpline or through this website. We can conduct a professional assessment of your situation, explain to you your treatment options, and refer you to the private clinic or another service provider you choose.

We might be able to detect a problem early enough that you can get by with a prescription medication and professional alcohol counselling in London. In such a case, we can connect you with London's best alcohol counsellors at no charge to you. If your problem is more serious, we can refer you to professional treatment through an inpatient residential clinic or one of the many outpatient options out there.

The most important thing for you to understand right now is the need to make a decision. The fact is that alcoholism is not a condition that develops overnight. Every alcoholic who has ever undergone professional treatment began down the road of dependence with just one or two drinks. It always starts with casual drinking that was allowed to get out of control. Left untreated, the problem evolved into alcohol abuse and eventual alcoholism.

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It should be obvious that the sooner you get help the more likely it is we can prevent your problem from getting worse. The opposite is also true. Delaying counselling and treatment will only lead to your problem escalating. Why take the risk of becoming an alcoholic if it can be prevented with some counselling and medication?

We Measure You against the AD Scale

Our 24-hour helpline is staffed by professional counsellors who have been trained to conduct comprehensive assessments for clients. They use the well-established Alcohol Dependence Scale to determine how serious a drinking problem is. Counsellors are trained to ask 20 specific questions developed by a team of researchers from London's Maudsley Hospital, grading each response appropriately. The final grade is tallied in order to determine how serious the drinking problem is. The higher the score, the further up the Alcohol Dependence Scale the client is.

We believe it is important that all alcohol counselling in London include a measurement against the Alcohol Dependence Scale. It does little good to talk to clients about drinking problems without determining how serious their problems are. Simply put, how can a counsellor recommend appropriate treatment if he or she has no idea how serious the situation is? It's not possible, which is why our counsellors go through the assessment process before recommending treatment.

Being able to place a client somewhere on the Alcohol Dependence Scale makes it possible to avoid the one-size-fits-all treatment approach that used to be the de facto standard in the past. Today, we in the recovery community prefer bespoke treatment plans that are uniquely tailored to each client's circumstances. Those sorts of treatment plans require an understanding of where on the scale a person falls.

Your Health Is Our Priority

Are we London's best alcohol counsellors? That's hard to say, and we wouldn't even try. We prefer to leave that assessment to our clients and their families. What we can say is that your health is our priority. If you have any kind of drinking problem, no matter how minor, our goal is to make sure you receive the help you need to overcome it. We want everyone who contacts us to be connected to a treatment provider or counsellor capable of helping restore the individual to good mental and physical health.

We are an independent organisation offering free advice, comprehensive assessments, and treatment referrals. We work with a full range of treatment providers including:

  • Private Clinics – We believe private rehab clinics offer the most effective treatments for late stage alcohol abusers and chronic alcoholics. Treatment at a private clinic is concentrated, focused, and offered in an environment that is very conducive to recovery.
  • Private Counsellors – Sometimes alcohol counselling in London is all our clients need. We can refer you to a private counsellor if our assessment determines that is your best option.
  • Alcohol Charities – There are local, national, and international charities whose mission is to help alcoholics and their families. While their services may be limited at times, we can connect you with a charity if it is appropriate to your situation.
  • Support Groups – While support groups do not offer medical treatments or certified therapies as a matter of course, they do provide counselling and other support services that are necessary to overcome drinking problems. Our counsellors have access to an extensive list of support groups in and around Greater London.

Of course, private treatment and support are not always the best way to go. Some people are better served by taking advantage of the free alcohol recovery services offered by the NHS. That is fine. If NHS treatment is right for you, we can refer you to a programme offered in your area.

Alcohol counselling in London could be what you need to get started on the road to recovery. Please contact us right away if you are ready to take your life back and, once and for all, bring an end to your drinking problem. Remember that continuing to delay is not going to help you. It will only make things worse. Get help now, while you are thinking about it.


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