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Overcoming Alcoholism with the Help of an Alcohol Rehab Centre

Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

Alcohol can have serious negative effects on the life of an individual, and if he or she becomes addicted, often the only way to overcome successfully is to attend an alcohol rehab centre. In some cases, alcohol can result in the addict acting in a violent or aggressive way towards others, which is what happened in the case of George Smith and Alex Humphreys. The pair were in dispute with many of Humphreys’ neighbours, which ultimately resulted in police charges and a restraining order.


Twenty-three-year-old George Smith was caught on CCTV as he threatened neighbours and shouted abuse across a garden fence while he visited a friend in Exmouth. The disturbing footage showed how he tore off his jacket, pointed his fingers at two different neighbours in a threatening manner, punching the fence in a fit of rage. After this, he proceeded to move out of the view of the CCTV and confronted two men and threatened a third set of neighbours.


The court heard that Smith had been with his friend, twenty-three-year-old Alex Humphreys, in her home drinking alcohol before the confrontations, which took place in September 2016. Humphreys has been involved in previous disputes with her neighbours, and one of them claimed that Humphreys’ partner attacked them with a hammer on one occasion. Three different residents and a nurse who was visiting all called the police separately to report the incident. Humphreys has now been evicted from her home and is currently awaiting sentence for her violent crimes while Smith received a six-month jail term, one year suspended and was ordered to attend an alcohol rehab centre for treatment for his evident alcohol addiction.

Thoroughly Ashamed

Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC played the CCTV footage to Exeter Crown Court and explained, “These are the neighbours from hell.” Speaking directly to Smith, he said, “Your drunken behaviour on this day was quite disgraceful. My impression is that you realise this and are thoroughly ashamed of yourself. You frightened people. You upset people and made those who witnessed this incident very uncomfortable, to put it mildly. If I sent you to prison, you could not complain. I am told you were going through a bad time in your life after losing your job and that you are now determined to address your drink problem. I am going to help you with that.” The pair were then given a restraining order preventing them from going near the previous address for two years.

Help and Support

Dealing with alcoholism can be tough, especially for someone who feels as though he or she is not being fully supported. If this sounds like you and you want to overcome your addiction once and for all, contact us here at Alcohol Rescue. We have helped many people in the same situation as you try to beat their addiction once and for all. If you would like further information about our service or have any queries, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us today and we would be more than happy to help you.


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