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Lisa Taylor
Lisa TaylorAddiction Counsellor

Do you feel as though you cannot get through an entire day without consuming alcohol? Do you find that no matter how much you drink you always seem to need more in order to feel good? If so, you may be an alcoholic. You may be in a situation in which your body and mind are so dependent upon the drug that you find it hard to cope unless you constantly have access to alcohol. The good news is that alcohol addiction treatment is available in your local area. With the right treatment and support, you can learn to stop drinking permanently.

On the other hand, maybe you are visiting our website because you are concerned about someone else rather than yourself. We can still help. You need to know if there's any treatment requirement for your loved one based on the symptoms he or she exhibits. We can walk you through the symptoms as well as providing you with a list of treatment options available through private clinics, counsellors, etc. You may not be able to force your loved one to stop drinking, but you can encourage that person to undergo treatment.

In this guide, we will look at several different treatment options that you can choose for yourself or your loved one. The most important thing you need to know is that no alcohol problem is going to go away by itself. If you or a loved one are dealing with alcohol abuse or dependence right now, professional treatment will be necessary to achieve a full and complete recovery. Do not delay treatment for one more day. Every day you do is another day lost to the ravages of alcohol abuse.

Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment can be broken down into two basic categories under which everything else falls. The first is outpatient treatment. An outpatient treatment programme originates either with the NHS, a private alcohol clinic, or a local alcohol charity. It takes its name from the fact that clients go to a treatment centre on a regularly scheduled basis, returning home at the end of each day's treatment. It is the preferred course of treatment for people in the earliest stages of problem drinking or alcohol abuse.

Patients in the later stages of alcohol abuse or any stage of alcoholism may be referred to in inpatient treatment programme. Inpatient treatment gets its name from the fact that clients reside at the treatment centre throughout their entire course of treatment. Inpatient treatment is also referred to as residential treatment for this reason. A typical residential programme lasts between three and 12 weeks.

Which is better, outpatient or inpatient treatment? Actually, it is not a matter of better or worse. It is a question of how severe a person's alcohol problem is. For example, it would be both practically and medically unnecessary for someone in the earliest stages of alcohol abuse to undergo an extensive residential treatment programme designed for full-blown alcoholics. The opposite is also true. A full-blown alcoholic usually does not do nearly as well in an outpatient programme as compared to inpatient alternative.

When you contact us on behalf of a loved one or for yourself, we will offer you a comprehensive assessment that can help determine the severity of the problem at hand. From that assessment, we can recommend various treatment options you can choose from. If you are ready, we can even refer you to an appropriate treatment provider in your area.

There are two additional sub-categories into which we can divide alcohol addiction treatment: public and private treatment. Public treatment is treatment you might receive at a hospital or through your NHS GP. Outpatient treatment at a public health facility is offered to UK residents free of charge. In that sense, it is a good option for those who do not necessarily need inpatient care.

The biggest difficulty with public treatment is that it is almost always oversubscribed. For example, your GP may recommend you to an outpatient programme that includes prescription medication, visits with the nurse practitioner, and regular counselling and support group meetings. Detox might also be necessary. But there may be a long waiting time for the detox, counselling and nurse practitioner services. While you wait, you would be expected to participate in group support by yourself.

Private treatment has the advantage of being immediately accessible. In most cases, you can begin a private treatment programme within a day or two of making contact. Clinics and private counsellors specialising in drug and alcohol treatment normally have plenty of space available to accommodate new clients.

Private treatment also offers additional advantages, including:

  • Dedicated Staff – Because drug and alcohol recovery is the only thing private clinics deal with, they are not distracted by any other physical conditions or illnesses. That means doctors, nurses, therapists and support staff are fully dedicated to alcohol recovery. The NHS just does not have that capacity.
  • Concentrated Treatment – The concentrated treatments offered by private providers makes recovery faster and more thorough. You can complete a private treatment programme in 3 to 12 weeks rather than spending month after month in a public treatment programme.
  • Conducive Environment – Those who choose a residential recovery programme will find the environment to be very conducive to well-being. Private clinics separate alcoholics from the hustle and bustle of the busy world as well as the kinds of conditions that enabled their drinking problems to begin with. They provide an environment that allows for plenty of introspection, individual support, and quiet reflection.
  • Bespoke Treatments – The unfortunate truth with public treatment is that it is most likely to adopt a 'one-size-fits-all' method of treatment. Private treatment is just the opposite. Private clinics and individual counsellors are more likely to create a bespoke treatment plan for each client. This is far better for achieving complete recovery.

We work with alcohol addiction treatment providers throughout the UK. Our list of providers is extensive enough that we likely have numerous choices in your local area. However, the only way for us to recommend a clinic or other provider is to speak with you first. We need to know and understand the severity of the problem in order to refer you to the right kind of treatment.

If you contact us through our 24-hour helpline, we can assist you immediately. The best treatment clinics in your local area are ready and waiting to open their doors to you. We can connect you with them as soon as you contact us.

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